Tuesday, February 1, 2011

We Are All Born Free

Answer any or all of the following questions.  Or, just give your impression of the book.

Who would you recommend read this book?  Why? What image did you remember long after you read the book?  Why do you think that is?  Would you change any of the images?  Why or why not?


  1. Chatsworth Intl School Singapore-Armaan C-GRade 5

    This book is really educational. I think the author has brought out the point about Human rights. This book is really useful for people who still have to learn about this subject. I really liked the quote in the book "Nobody has any right to HURT us or to TORTURE us...." I recommend this book for everyone.

  2. Chatsworth International School
    Miyu Inoue Year6
    I liked this book because it tells about human rights. I recommend this book because it tells about you shouldn't treat people what you don't want to be treated like.

  3. UWCSEA Dover-Rohan K-Grade 4
    'We are all Born Free' is an amazing book which tells you about freedom.It is great for little kids who have many lessons to be learnt

  4. I think the book gave off a very good meaning and that it teaches kids something very powerful. I think that it's really educational but I think that it's better for younger children because i found it a bit boring

    UWCSEA dover-Zoe F- grade 4

  5. UWCSEA Dover - Anushree and Esther - Grade 5

    We are all born free is an educational book beacause it teaches you that everyone has rights. For example, no one can tell you what to do all the time and it also tells you not to be afraid of law and to speak up for yourself. The book teaches you in a fun and educational way so young kids won't get bored. It has many different handwritings so it can teach young kids different types of handwritting. The drawings also are always in different materials so the pictures are very cool and it shows clearly what the author is ment to say without even looking at the words.
    Lastly, we personally think this is a interesting book and we enjoyed it even though we are in grade five.

    (it is also good beacuse it has a hard cover so young kids won't reack it)

  6. I really like this book. It has some very strong pictures. It is true. It holds a very good message. It has a hard cover and won't get ripped easily

  7. UWCSEA - Grade 5 - Rebecca S. and Naviya M.

    I like the way the author had pictures drawn by different people. Another reason is because it explains about human rights and it's not entirely a fiction book. Possibly one of my favorite picture book.


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