Tuesday, February 1, 2011

How I Learned Geography

Here are some questions to think about.  Give us your opinion on one or all of them.

Do you think the father should have bought the bread instead of the map?  Why? How are you learning geography?  Is it similar or different two how the main character learned geography?  What age group would you recommend read this book? Why?


  1. The boys Father did the right thing by buying the map instead of bread because it will keep their mind off being hungry as they didn't have enough money to buy food so they wouldn't be hungry. The boy used his imagination so he wouldn't be hungry or bored.
    We recommend this book for 7 year olds and older.
    Australian International - Class 3C

  2. We think the Father did the right thing by buying the map so the boy could forget about being hungry. We learn about Geography by visiting alot of places and looking at them on the internet but the boy has to use his imagination.

    We recommend this book for children 6 and up.
    Australian International - Class 3R

  3. We think that the Father made the right choice by buying the map instead of the bread because it gave the boy some colour in his life and it gave him something to do during the day. We study Geography a little bit the same but also in a different way. We look on the internet and in books but we are also lucky enough to see the countries during our travels.
    We recommend the book for children 7 years and older.
    Australian International School Singapore
    Class 3T

  4. We think the boys Father did the right thing by buying the map because the boy could use his imagination and forget about what is happening around him. We learn Geography differently from the boy in the story, we learn from books, internet and we are lucky enough to be able to see them on our holidays.
    We recommend this book for children aged 6 to adults.
    Australian International School
    Class 3J

  5. We think that it was good that the father bought the map instead of the bread because the boy was able find and learn about place he had never seen before. The boy was able to learn about the world even though he may not be going to school. It also helped the boy to forget he was hungry. In Grade 3H our students have learnt geography by visiting other countries. The boy learnt by studying, drawing and imagining.
    Ausrtralian International School - 3H

  6. We think it was a good idea that the father bought the map because the boy learned about Geography - cities, countries, borders, religions and communities. It would also give him ideas about places to go where he could get food. The map allowed the boy to use his imagination.
    We learn Geography by travelling to places and learn all about them We also learn about these things at school. We look through atlases and read books.
    We recommend this book for Junior school (language might be a bit tricky) and Primary age children.
    Australian International School Singapore, Class 3M

  7. We think that the father did the right thing. If he hadn't the boy wouldn't have learned about all those amazing places. Buying learning about the map he forgot about his misery. He learned about the names of countries, states, climate, food, culture and traditions. He probably learned about rivers. If the father had more money he could have bought the bread and the map.
    Australian International School

  8. Chatsworth-Armaan C-grade 5

    The book was really cool.The Author made his own experiances into a picture book which was reaLLY COOL! i LOVE gEOGRAPY it is my favorite subject so i really like the book.I thought the Author was really creative

  9. Chatsworth-Justine Bockenmeyer-Year 6 davis
    I really enjoyed this book as it was a true story and it has really good illustrations. I also feel bad because the little boy had to face alot of challenges. I would definitel reccomend this book to children an even adults of any age.

  10. This book is so inspiring it can make me feel his hunger his disappointment with his father it can also make me feel his joy.It is so amazing that one hungry lonely desolate boy can dream up a world of possibilities I wish that I had such a imagination.I think the fathers logic was amazing like if I buy food today we will be hungry tommorow,but if I plant it and grow it it is for free and we could repeat the progress.I hope that there will be more books like this one because the world of books would then be a better place.

    Maxene-Chatsworth Grade 6

  11. i think the man did the right thing to by the map then the little crumbs of bred. i loved the ilerstrachions and i think the aother gets a clap i think the is a very creative book and i reccondmend from the ages 5 years old from and abouv

    this is from [holly emerson hyde] [singapore]

  12. I thought at first the boy's father was really bad when he bought the map instead of the bread but later on i realized that the father wasn't bad after all and he simply helped his family.

    United World College of South East Asia
    Zoe F Grade 4

  13. UWCSEA Dover-Pratyay D-Grade4

    i think this is a very good book to teach children about poverty and geography

  14. UWCSEA Dover-Rohan K-Grade 4

    I think 'How I learnt Geography' is a great book because it teaches children about poverty because it is about a boy who is very poor.

    I strongly advise this to toddelers.


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