Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Way Back Home

Feel free to answer any and all questions.  Or, just give your impression of the book.

What did you think of the book?  Do you think the two main characters will continue to communicate with each other? Why or why not?  Who would you recommend read this book?  Why?


  1. SAIS - Daley - Grade 5

    We think the book was very creative and would recommend it for younger students in grades K2 and Grade 1.

  2. SAIS - Jones - Grade 3

    We think they will continue talking to each other, because of the walkie talkies.

  3. Chatsworth - avni y2
    this book was awsome!I loved it.Cool book

  4. Chatsworth -vansh y2

    this book is awsome!it was the best book i read

  5. Chatsworth - ayushmaan - y2

    this book is the is the best i have ever read in my whole life. because it is adventurous.

  6. Chatsworth - emily y2

    i liked the alien and the boy they were cute and it was funny and it was interesting the boy went to the moon.

  7. Chatsworth - sophie - y2

    I like the book because it helps us learn to help each other if we are lost. I like the bit where the alien and the boy help each other get home.

  8. Chatsworth - Rohan Y2

    This book had really good illustrations but sometimes it had words and pictures but you could easily tell what was going on in the story.

    It was a sad story because the boy and martian were lost but nice that they became friends.

  9. Chatsworth - Toni - Y2

    I liked that the boy and martian became friends and it was nice that they helped each other get home.

  10. Chatsworth - Holger - Y2
    I liked that it teaches you that you should be helpful to each other.

  11. Chatsworth - Emily - Y2M

    I like that the pictures are clear and it teaches you how to make good friends - by helping them. I liked it so much I would like to memorize the book.

  12. Chatsworth - hamish - y2

    its a cool book because he travels to a far away place then he comes home. i thought it was funny and i also felt sad when he was stuck on the moon by himself.

  13. Chatsworth - Diana Y2

    It was funny - I liked it when they became friends. I liked the last page because they could talk to each other.

  14. Chatsworth Catalina y2

    I liked the part when he fund the plane and also the part when he landed on the moon.
    I liked the whole book. I was happy when they became friends.

  15. Chatsworth - kiyoko - y2

    I like all the book. I liked the end cause you know they can still talk to each other

  16. Chatsworth - hyugo Y2M

    I liked everything especially the end with the walkie talkies

  17. Chatsworth romain y2G

    I liked it when he swam in the sea.

  18. I think the book is a good show of team work together.

    Chatsworth-Thomas C-grade 5

  19. The boy showed he was principled by going back to the moon to help his friend. We think it would have been easy for him to just stay at home, but he went back to the moon to help the martian.

    The boy and the martian showed they were caring by helping each other fix their aircrafts.

    We liked the story because it was funny, interesting and easy to read.

    We would recommend this story to children 4yrs and above.

    AISS - 3C

  20. I liked the pictures because they're really detailed.
    I liked that the moon was really small compared to the boy and the martian.
    I liked how there wasn't too much text and the pictures showed what was happening.
    The characters demonstrated the "Caring" learner profile by helping each other fix their machines.
    The boy demonstrated the "Principled" learner profile by going back to the moon to help his friend, even though he was tired and comfortable at home.
    We would recommend this story to children 4yrs and above.
    AISS - 3R

  21. It's a story about friendship - the boy and the martian met each other and even though they had to go back to their own homes, they could still be friends by talking on the walkie-talkie.
    It was a good book - the boy and the martian had a great time together.
    I liked the illustrations in the story, and that there wasn't too much text.

    The boy showed he was principled by returning to the moon with the tools to fix their machines.

    We think this book would be suitable for children aged in Preschool and above.

    AISS - 3T

  22. I liked how the boy could jump down from the moon onto earth and swim back home.
    I liked the ending of the story when the boy and the martian went to their homes.
    This is a story of friendship.
    I think the illustrations were very good and had lots of detail.

    We think this story would be good for children of all ages.

    AISS - 3J

  23. We think the boy and the martian will remain friends and keep in contact with each other.
    I didn't like the part where he crashed onto the moon because he could have hurt himself.
    We had some questions -
    how could the boy breathe in space?
    how was the boys' aeroplane able to fly in space?
    how did he climb up the rope to the moon so quickly?
    How could he jump from the moon to the sea?
    How could an aeroplane fit inside his wardrobe?
    We decided that the answer to all of the above questions is "It's a fiction book, just a story!"
    The boy demonstrated that he was principled by returning to the moon to help his martian friend and repair both of their machines.

    AISS - 3W

  24. i liked the carictives and i liked how they did team work to.

  25. We think the book was very good but was aimed more at younger children. We still enjoyed the pictures and the interesting story. The boy was principled as he returned to help the alien even though he was in his favourite chair watching his favourite TV show.

    AISS 3M Year 3

  26. I really like this book beacause it is funny and at the same time it teaches us about friendship and loyalty. I also like it beacause it is about two friends from totally different backgrounds and how they meet!

    UWC-Meher S-Grade 4

  27. I think the book is really cute and funny in it's own way. It teaches children to make new friends no matter where they're from.

  28. It is totally brilliant!!

  29. UWCSEA- Stephanie L- Grade 5
    I think this book is really good because its about friendship and helping each other. I think they will communicate each other someday because maybe the alien will come back from space to have a little visit. I would recommend this book to people that like books that have lots of friendship scenes inside because it is a good book and it is filled with everything.

  30. UWCSEA Dover - Grade 5 - Naviya M. and Rebecca S.

    I thought this was a good book but definitely random fiction!
    But how is it possible to fly to space with a jet?
    How do you even find a jet in your storage?
    Wouldn't your parent's find out?
    You can't live in space without a helmet!!!!
    How can you talk to aliens unless they speak a language that you know?
    Why is the moon crescent shaped?
    How can you lower a rope from the moon?
    How can you lift someone from Earth with a ROPE?????!!!!!
    I think this book was good but could improve and it doesn't really make sense!

  31. I thought it was a good story and it ended well.

    I think it was a nice story but it didn't really make much sense.

    AISS 5S

  32. I think the story ended well and that the boy and the Martion will continue to talk to one another.

    Conor 5S

  33. It was an interesting story of make belive.
    athough it seemed really fake because you can't lower a rope from the moon and how can you swim home?

    AISS 5S Jazmine

  34. Alastair 5S AISS

    I thought this book was great and had a really cute ending. I thought it was a bit unrealistic because the alien could communicate with the boy. For a minute I thought the boy was going to ditch the alien when he got down to earth. This book is not really for year 5 but still is awesome!

  35. how can you lower a rope from the moon I mean the MOON????!!!! its a good book but its unrealistic

    AISS 5s Finn B

  36. I think The Way Back Home is a good story but it does not make sense becuase you can not fly to the moon, jump of the moon, speek to a marstion or climb to the moon using a rope. But it is a nice story in the end how the marstion and the boy helps each other. The book is not really suitable for year 5.

    AISS 5S Seb

  37. I found the book quite strange because he jumps off the moon and go's home and then comes back to the moon to help the marshen.

    I like the ending when he gets a present from the marshen and it ends up being a little phone or walky-talky that he can contact the marshen on.

    It is probebly a book that a 5 or 6 year old would realy like.

    I recemend this this book to any younger kids.

  38. AISS 5s Ben B
    This book is incredible but doesnt make sense I hope there might be a series and the book could make improvements.I don't blame the book for not making sense bcause thats what gives a book abit of extra juice or a bit of a twist 4/5 skillz

  39. I liked this book because it didn't really make sence.I think that it is a type of book more little kids.I think that the ending puts a twist in the story.I wonder what planet the marshen lived on and wich country the boy lived on.

  40. I think the story didn't make sense but at the same time it is a great story. I think it could be improved a bit more by getting tools from another planet.Over all I liked the ending cause he gets a gift from his marshen friend. I think it was the marshens way of sending a letter or recording. I thionk it isn't a book for grade 5 and it is a bit unrealistic.I think the boy was a good friend to go back to the moon to help the marshen friend. I like it how the author put a different a charactor (the penguin) on the sofa with the boy. I wonder what planet or galaxy the marshen lived on and what country the boy lived in.

    AISS 5S Brianna


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