Monday, February 14, 2011

Schumann the Shoeman

Feel free to answer any and all questions.  Or, just give your impression of the book.

How did you like how the story ended?  What would you have done with the shoe that the bird dropped?  What do you think the lesson in the story is?  Anything else you'd like to add about your impressions of the story?


  1. The character in this book is just magical and one of the best picture books i have ever read.The end of the story is tragic but i like it that way.


  2. SAIS - Gorbichinsky - Grade 3

    We think that the main point of the story was that you should never give up and work hard for what you want.

  3. I find that your book was a succes but the way schuman died was abit sad. I rate this book 4\5
    stars hope that you'll make more books like Schuman the shoeman

  4. If I found the shoe I'd give it to the factory owner and see if he recongised it.

    I think it would have been better if Schumann hadn't died because he could have kept making shoes untill he died naturally.

    I think the centipede was a bit rude asking for all the shoes at once because it was too hard for for Schumann to make 50 pairs in one order.

    I liked the end because it was a very different ending. Usually in picture books there are happy endings, but in this one Schumann dies.

    I like the way the book is layed out. At the end it keeps you hanging on there.

    I predict that the guy who found the shoe will become the next shoemaker.

    Year 5s AISS

  5. I thought the bird would die at the end from the smoke because everything else was sad. I thought the animals would all get together to stop the factory and take over Schumann's store.

    I thought the bird would go through the smoke and her shoes would fall off into the factory. Then the shoe would damage the machines in the factory and they would close the factory down.

    Grade 5R AISS

  6. I think in the end of the book, the person who found the shoe really liked it!!! I think the person may start to make shoes.

    I think that the person who found the shoe wanted to make them and that he opened a shop and made shoes.

    I like how the centipede put all the shoes that Schumann made in the tree to respect him.

    AISS Grade 4M

  7. Chatsworth - Avni - y2

    This was a great book because I like how he found a new place to sell his shoes.

    It was cool book

  8. Chatsworth - emily - y2

    this was an intersting book because pictures were cut out of the newspapers like collage - the end human fell on the ground it was sad.

    the bird was flying amd I liked it when he sneezed because of the smoke

  9. Chatsworth - sophie - y2

    I like this because I like the designs of the shoes - he shoeman was happy selling shoes it was saad that he was ran out of town.

    the sneezing bit was funny because it was loud

  10. At least Schumann died doing what he loved. He was tying the bow on his shop when he died.

    I think it was nice of the animals to bury Schumann when he died.

    I think Schumann was nice because he was making shoes for animals as well as humans, especially because the animals may seem strange to him but he still made the shoes.

    I liked the illustrations. They weren't all drawings, there were pictures cut out of magazines as well.

    I found it interesting how Schumann never made the same two pairs of shoes.

    I like the end, it keeps you wanting to know what happens after.

    I like how Schumann thought of the ideas for the shoes personally and he made his own designs. He didn't copy anybody.

    Australian International School Singapore 5G

  11. I liked the book
    AISS test

  12. i love this book its really wonderful its illustrated very nicely and i think this book should be posted to all shoe shops so those people can have a look at the shoes in the story and then make some of the shoes in there shoe shop. I reccondmend this book should be in the numbers of ages

    6 years and above 6 years old this is from Hollt

  13. UWC-Naomi S grade 4

    The Pictures in this book are really cool and you can find hidden eyes and things like that in the pictures.

  14. "It was really sad when he had died but i thoght the animals were really kind that they even buried him. The company's boss was really MEAN."

    <>?!@#$%^&*()said " The pictures are amazing!!! "

  15. uwcsea-Madeline S-grade4
    the pictures in this were interesting and how each page looks different.

  16. the book is amazing! the pictures are really good and it is very fun to read, but it is sad that the shoeman died :|

  17. This book is very good because it teaches children everyone has a different point of view.

    Anonymous said: Duck or rabbit everyone has a opinion, in my opinion i really like the pictures in the book and the sentences the book has is wonderful

  18. UWCSEA - Grade 5 - Rebecca S. and Naviya M.

    I enjoyed reading the book because the pictures were really interesting and looked quite funny and cute. The plot line was clever because it was very clear and the author style of writing was extremely cool. I also liked how the author decided to make the bird drop its shoe and the boy found it.

  19. I think that the centipede should of got the shoes because she had waited for a long time and she never got them. and she was the only one without shoes!

    UCSEA dover- Zoe F- Grade4

  20. firstly I love the pictures i think his boss was really mean and the book had really good illerstrachion and i love all of the crictures in the book.

    i would reccondment this book to 5 years old and older too.

    here and i think his other bookes are good too,i think this is a good book and i think everyone noes that to HE IS A GOOD MAN...-.


  21. i think the book was nice but it was not my kind of book.

    charlie aisss 5s

  22. This is the book I liked most. it is a magical story. The pictures are fantastic. I love the shoes design and the creativity of the shoeman. It is a bit sad because he had to go away from his town and close his shop and also because he died, but at the end there is hope. The young guy who finds the shoe left by the bird thinks that the shoe is so nice that he wants to do the same and I think he opens a new shop to bring back the colors and the originality in the grey city with all same shoes.
    GESS Gaia GF Y2

  23. I really liked this book - it was a strange ending not like most picture books
    OFS Pernille D G5


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